Personal Matters

Personal Matters
Personal Matters

By Guest Blogger:  Tamara Haggerty

Personal Matters

Sharing personal information online has become a way of life in the Information Age. Without thinking twice, we routinely turn over personally identifiable information such as our names, birthdates, addresses and Social Security Numbers to online entities such as social media outlets, retailers, financial institutions, government agencies.  We quickly accept the End User Agreements and privacy policies without reading them – trusting that these businesses and organizations will protect our sensitive information, in spite of the fact that we hear about data breaches almost every day!

As a consumer, taking a lackadaisical approach to protecting your personal information is risky. There is no shortage of cyber criminals looking to obtain your personal data because of the value it holds. A global black market for stolen data exists that is very profitable for those who sell the data, as well as for those who buy it. Most commonly, criminals are looking to obtain the following:

  • Credit Card Numbers
  • Online Account Names and User Passwords
  • Mobile Phone Numbers
  • Email Addressess

Tips to Protect Your Data and Privacy

Be aware! Before you download an app, create an online account, purchase an Internet-connected device, or click on “I Accept,” make sure you understand what information is being collected and how that information is going to be handled.

Check your online account settings. Look at the privacy settings and data policies. If the default settings are not acceptable, make the appropriate adjustments.

Clean house. Review all of your online accounts. If you’re no longer using an account delete it. Limit the amount of information that you provide on your active accounts.

For more information on how you can better protect your brand and your data send an email to

Tamara Haggerty

Tamara Haggerty is a brand strategist and cyber security aficionado with a background in visual communication and marketing who is passionate about helping businesses build and protect their brands

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