Home Warranty: Managing Unexpected Repairs

HVAC unit covered by a home warranty
HVAC unit covered by a home warranty

Avoid the Risk of Unexpected, Costly Repairs or Replacement with a Home Warranty

Have you ever been to a big box store and purchased electronics or appliances? The experience usually includes an offer for an extended warranty.  Sounds good, but you decline thinking “I’ll just save the money and buy a new one if this one breaks.”  It’s a chance you are willing to take. Most often you are right.  Electronics and appliances already come with a warranty. Most issues arise pretty quickly and can be handled by the store where the purchase was made or directly with the manufacturer.  Viewed as needless add-ons,  it’s no surprise homeowners’ often approach a home warranty with skepticism.

New Construction Homes

Buying  a warranty on a new a construction home where everything is new on the surface appears to be a waste of money.  Unlike a television or other household appliances, a house is a significant, long-term investment with the potential to be a money pit once repairs are needed.  New construction homes experience issues too. While you expect the builder to honor their workmanship for the first year that all depends on if they remain in business during your first year of ownership.  Once you move past the honeymoon phase of a new home when you are most concerned with decorating and making the home comfortable for your family, unexpected repair costs test a budget. What do you do beyond that first year? Do you have an emergency fund to handle those repairs?

Existing Homes Qualify for a Home Warranty

A home warranty helps you budget for repairs for an existing home purchase where the history of repairs are unclear. Also, for a home you currently reside in anticipation of upcoming repairs.  Inspections not required with most makes and models covered.  Low monthly payments and deductibles along with unlimited service calls give you peace of mind when the unexpected happens.

Appliances and Systems Covered

Below is a sample list of appliances and systems covered by a home warranty and the average replacement costs:

Furnace $1,500-$4,500
Air Conditioning $1,500 -$6,000
Oven/Stove/Range $300-$2,500
Refrigerator $550-$1,500
Dishwasher $300-$900
Washer or Dryer $300-$800
Water Heater $500-1,500
Electrical System $600-2,500
Plumbing System $700-$2,000
Garbage Disposal $200-$600

Most people would be nervous taking a chance with thousands of dollars of repairs.  Everyday you take a chance by not covering major home appliances and systems with a home warranty.  Let a home warranty be the answer to your concerns.

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