Summer is here!

Summer is here
Summer is here

Summer is here

Summer is here and a great time to enjoy everything Metro Atlanta has to offer. If that’s not enough, then travel in any direction outside the city and you can take your pick of mountains, trails, lakes, parks and so much more!  My favorite pastime is hiking and outdoor music festivals.  Later this month is the Atlanta Jazz Festival in Piedmont Park.  I love relaxing under the stars as the melodic tunes fill the air.  It doesn’t hurt to have a cool beverage in my hand and good company to share the experience.  Relaxing and reconnecting always recharges my batteries. read more

Ancient, Edgy and Industrial Patina, Pink and Punk! Today’s Home Fashion Spotlight from The Atlanta Gift & Home Furnishings Market from New Leaf Interiors

Bliss Studio

Ancient, Edgy and Industrial Patina, Pink and Punk!

By Guest Blogger;  Karen Kaplan of New Leaf Interiors

Last month’s Atlanta Gift and Home Furnishings Market offered a myriad of great design.  While there are always options of going your own way in design and doing what you love in your own home regardless of trends, there are some recurring themes each year and these were the ones that stood out this week. read more

Your First Apartment

Your First Apartment Blog Photo
Photo via Visualhunt

Moving out on your own for the first time is a rite of passage for most young adults.  You are either headed off to college to experience your first taste of freedom and independence or you’ve just graduated and accepted a full-time position in a new city. The excitement of new beginnings also comes with some serious responsibilities. Signing a lease for an apartment is a contractual obligation and there penalties if you do not fulfill the agreement. Even beyond that there are other considerations such as Renters Insurance. read more