Summer is here!

Summer is here
Summer is here

Summer is here

Summer is here and a great time to enjoy everything Metro Atlanta has to offer. If that’s not enough, then travel in any direction outside the city and you can take your pick of mountains, trails, lakes, parks and so much more!  My favorite pastime is hiking and outdoor music festivals.  Later this month is the Atlanta Jazz Festival in Piedmont Park.  I love relaxing under the stars as the melodic tunes fill the air.  It doesn’t hurt to have a cool beverage in my hand and good company to share the experience.  Relaxing and reconnecting always recharges my batteries. read more

Accidents, Tickets & Credit Rating: How To Get The Lowest Auto Insurance Rates In Georgia


Getting the Lowest Rates

Auto Insurance is often one of the largest expenses for a household.  Factor in teen drivers, driving history, and garaging zip code, you can see why consumers look for the most competitive rates.  While there are many factors outside of a driver’s control, there are several things you can do to make certain you get the lowest auto rates available. read more

What Happens If I Hit A Deer?

Hit A Deer
Hit A Deer?

Hypothetically speaking, I hit a deer

At least once a month I get a call from a customer that starts off like this,  “Hypothetically speaking, if I hit a deer and I am not saying that I did, how would it impact my insurance rates?”  I always answer, “Don’t worry everything will be just fine.”  read more