Boats, Motorcycles and RVs—Warm Weather Fun!

Warm weather fun
Warm weather fun

Boats, Motorcycles and RVs—Warm Weather Fun!

Spring is officially here! It’s time to pack away the winter gear and head for the great outdoors.  For me, it’s my time to hit the trails.  In Georgia, we are blessed to have the southern terminus of the Appalachian Trail an hour from my home.  Ten miles south is Kennesaw Mountain which is my mid-week hike of choice.  A little further south is Stone Mountain with its famous granite rock.  The options are endless all over of the state.  When I am not on the trail, I love to kayak on Lake Allatoona or the Chestatee River up north.  Whatever has your passion, a “Get Ready” list will keep you safe and hassle free when you are ready for warm weather fun!  Here are a few tips if love the outdoors as much as I do:

Boaters—Spring Launch Checklist

  • Test running lights and replace bulbs if necessary.
  • Open and close seacocks. They should move freely. Check all through hull fittings for looseness, deterioration or aging sealant.
  • If the drain plug has been removed, make sure it is back in place prior to launching.
  • Test high water alarms and bilge pumps.
  • Check all fuel hoses. These should not have any cracks, bulges, or soft spots.
  • Inspect clamps on all hoses (fuel system, cooling system, etc.) If any show signs of rust or corrosion, replace them.
  • Check fluid levels (engine oil, transmission fluid, coolant)
  • Make sure the proper numbers of life jackets are on board according to your state guidelines.


  • Making sure bay doors are closed and latched.
  • Double check tow bar and safety cables.
  • Retract jacks, steps, and awnings.
  • Checking oil, transmission and coolant levels.
  • Checking air brakes, parking brakes and tow brakes.
  • Check propane tank for leaks and intake/exhaust lines for blockages.
  • Inspect tire inflation pressure and tread wear.
  • Make sure smoke and propane tank detectors are working.
  • Check your surroundings (weather, overhangs and ground hazard)

Motorcycle Checklist

  • Choose the right helmet before you hit the road.
  • Make sure you are properly licensed.
  • Practice operating your motorcycle.
  • Be sure your motorcycle is safe.
  • Wear the proper protection.
  • Ride responsibly.
  • Be alcohol and drug free.

The outdoors nourishes your spirit and allows you time to enjoy family and friends. Have fun and be safe!  Need information about insurance coverage for your outdoor pastime, please click here.

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Shari Glover is licensed insurance agent in  Kennesaw, GA .  Shari is passionate about helping families and businesses protect what matters the most to them. Through her agency, she is able to help families and individuals with Home, Auto, Life and Business Insurance.

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