Are Your Auto Insurance Limits Enough To Protect Your Assets?

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Property damage and medical expenses can easily exceed policy limits

The average judgment awarded in Auto accidents cases in the State of Georgia is $384,000 and without adequate limits of insurance, the driver is responsible for paying.  Bad auto accidents are a common occurrence on Georgia highways.  The cost of property damage and medical expenses can easily exceed policy limits if the driver is carrying state minimum coverage. read more

Is Your Business’ Reputation on the Line?

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Protect Your Data. Protect Your Brand.  By Guest Blogger Tamara Haggerty

All too often you hear another major company is the victim of a data breach and millions of their customers are at risk of having their identities stolen and their bank accounts compromised. What you hear on the news is just a snapshot of what is happening to businesses of all sizes on a frequent basis. No business or organization is safe from an attack and it is incumbent upon the owners, employees, and stakeholders to ensure that sensitive information is protected and that there is a plan in place to remedy a breach should it occur. Failing to do so puts the organization in the risky position of having a damaged reputation; lost customers and revenue; stolen intellectual property and trade secrets; hefty fines levied against it; and lengthy and costly litigation. You work hard to build your brand so put the time and effort into protecting it. read more

What Happens If I Hit A Deer?

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Hypothetically speaking, I hit a deer

At least once a month I get a call from a customer that starts off like this.  “Hypothetically speaking, if I hit a deer and I am not saying that I did, how would that impact my insurance rates?”  And I always answer, “Don’t worry everything will be just fine.”  read more